Your health defines your wealth. No matter how much money you have or property you own, if you are not well, all that faces the threat of being spent to make you better. Even though you have to spend money to become healthier when you are sick, you don’t have to spend that much of money to stay healthy once you reach that level.

Misconceptions and eating right

Always remember what you eat becomes what you are. Some in social media try to post humorous posts depicting elephants and ox saying no matter how much greens you eat, you won’t lose weight. This type of bogus, but misleading posts must be ignored and the society must learn that it is in fact not so. Also, to lose weight, you do not have to eat leafy vegetables only or become a vegan. There are a lot of misconceptions in the world regarding eating right and losing weight. Some think by taking a pill it can be achieved as opposed to managing what you eat or 24 hour gym Nunawading. It is a very simple thing, really; what you eat will be used up in your day-to-day functions. If there is extra, it will be deposited in the body. Hence you can either eat less and work less or if you eat a lot, not forget to work it out.

Suffering all the way

At the present when you eat something unhealthy you will only feel how yummy it is; but did you stop to think how it can affect you in the long run? It is quite heart wrenching to think that not only you but your family also suffer; imagine you being too heavy and have accumulated cholesterol at a dangerous level. Should you develop a blood clot and have to undergo surgery, or if you fall and succumb to being bed ridden for at least some time or literally any thing that happens as a result of your inability to watch out what you eat. This is also dangerous because your children will see how you eat and won’t hesitate to follow you. Underage obesity is a huge problem now and we hear of kids contracting various diseases due to uncontrolled eating.

Try to stick to home made food

It is true and we all are so very busy and there is no time to cook a home-made meal. What you can apply as a solution for this is, when you have time, prepare some snacks and keep them in the refrigerator. Stick to veggie-bases when you make them. Also if you prepare food hallway, in the morning it will be only a matter of taking the final step of cooking a home-made meal, for example, if the carrots and salad leaves are washed and cleaned, you just have to toss it together with a dressing and voila! You have something to eat for lunch. Apart from this you can also take part in group fitness classes once in a while to make sure all that fat is burned. Remember if you watch your mouth it is no hard to control that weight!

Stay Healthy- Stay Fit For A Better Tomorrow

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