Every single sport requires some ethics; does not mean that the player must verse something before getting in the game but the ethics as in how to handle the bat (in case of cricket) how to hit the ball with the kick (in case of football) and same is the case with the golf, golf is such a sport which requires some extra elegancy feature how to stand, how to handle the club, how to look at the hole, what should be the neck posture and so on. So fellows let’s get some basic lessons related to golf lessons as in how to handle this rich man game:

Standing posture: unlike other best kids golf lessons needs some extra care for standing posture as overall hit of the ball and swing of the club is dependent on the standing posture of the player. Legs should be hips apart, slightly bent and this is not all one has to evenly balance the body weight on both legs (because if the weight is not evenly distributed then club will swing in a wrong direction). This is a myth that the player has to hit the ball (it’s actually the club which hits the ball the swing is important) and swing is 100% dependent on the standing posture, one has to lean on the hips and bend the knees slightly so that the club should exactly be near the ball.

Hitting style: the only style which the player has to opt is to bring the club parallel to the ground when ready and in order to finally hit the ball one has to balance the body weight on hands, hips, arms and legs. Your dominant body side should swing the club and your non dominant side of the body should balance the weight and that’s how a player hits the ball. After keeping the club parallel to the ground reverse the club even more to the 90 degree and then hit the ball. Shoulder ball should move in a rotation in order to complete the swing and the club should move in the air (the rule is not to stop the movement of the club let it swing to the top in order to complete the hit). In order to give a slow hit one has to keep in mind the pendulum (how a pendulum swings) just do like that in order to give a slow hit to the ball.

So friends this is how it works, people are aware of the playing style but the practice which we all forget to do. Hence with all the mentioned above tips and tricks practice it every day in order to master

Learn To Stand In Order To Play Golf Proper

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