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There is nothing like the first time a child beats their parent in a sport, that feeling of accomplishment and the fact that you are finally growing up and can take on the old man, much better than coming to blows over who is the bigger man in the house. It could be in cricket, football or basketball but the first time you hit that six, score a goal or dunk the ball over dads head is a day to celebrate and remember. It might be awhile before you do it again because you can guarantee that as soon as you are away from the house, Dad is going to be out practising his little heart out to make sure it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. It could be any number of basketball systems you have in the yard, cricket gear or footballs, the old man will go out and get something new and start on a new regimen just so he can prove he is not as old as he felt in the defeating moment.

Instead of coming home to the hoop over the driveway, you will find that there is a brand new system in the backyard, with two opposing ends and proper hoops on a pole and set at the right height, this will be his excuse, that it was set too low. Don’t argue with him, let him have the dream, after all it means that you get to play on a new system and after you have practised for a while you will be right back to the winning moment and he will eventually run out of excuses and have to admit that youth is finally winning out. Just don’t expect to have a happy man in the house, some men can take the defeat as what it is, their sons growing up and reaching towards adulthood and they will be veryproud, while others will feel like they are losing their virility and this will make for one grumpy old bugger in the house.

Let Mum sort that one out, if she can, she might like to rub it in a bit as well, so she mightn’t be any help at all. Just let the sleeping bear lie and find someone else to practise with, if Dad has thrown in the towel. Having something as innocuous as a basketball hoop in your yard and playing with your Dad, is one of the great joys a child and his/her parent can have but it is also the measure by which you finally realise that your parents are not infallible and that one day you are better at something than they are, that you are going to outgrow them and it may seem like a small thing, to finally get more points but it is that moment right then that signals your approach to adulthood.