Five Fitness Rules To Follow In Shaping Up the Body

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With the increase in the awareness of how physical fitness could boost the morale of an individual and improve the quality of their life, many were encouraged to enroll their selves on several health and fitness gyms, eat proper diet and change lifestyle. Everyone becomes conscious of their health condition and began to question their way of living. And with the help of fitness classes, many were educated about the benefits of physical fitness to their life. That in order to motivate them more, they even ask their loved ones to attend classes with them.

Attending the best fitness classes can be more fun and enjoying with friends and families who has the same goal as you. But once you are inside the class there are important rules to follow such as no unnecessary chitchats allowed and attending the classes on time. However, aside to this rules that make fitness classes a sound environment for people who want to get and stay fit, there are certain consideration that you and your trainer should be aware of.

  • Never skimp your recovery – Other believes that it is better to do more and take extra reps on every recovery breaks of the workout session to get the best result. But the truth is, it would only stress out the muscles thus, you end up overworking. To see the best results, the best way to do during recovery portions is to take advantage of the rest and push yourself further on the next workout session. In this way, an extra calorie will be burned, providing you the best benefits.
  • Don’t wear short shorts in indoor cycling classes – Though booty shorts is your option for gym apparel, top fitness instructors highly advise not to wear them. Instead, wear clothes that could bring comfort to you like track pants or athletic pants that are fitted. Wearing tight spandex shorts during your cycling class could result to saddle sores and contact dermatitis which could be very painful. In addition, short shorts are much prone to getting caught on the nose of the saddle which could get rip as you transition from a seated to a standing position.
  • Be aware of your movements in Yoga – some fitness classes includes yoga. And with people coming from a long sitting in traffic or hours of working while seated on the desk before attending their class, folding forward during the yoga session should not be done mindlessly. It’s imperative to attend to certain positions properly to avoid any painful flexing like gently bending the knees in the standing forward fold position or forward folding posture. Keep in mind that excessive sitting destabilizes the core muscles, weakens the abdominals and tightens the hip flexors. So it should be approached properly and with great care.
  • Don’t skip out the warm up stretching – Most of the routines in fitness classes involve flexing of muscles so participants of this class are required to prepare their body for several movements to prevent any injury.
  • Don’t use weights that are not suitable to your routine – Most of the beginners are susceptible to using inappropriate weights as part of their routine thus they don’t get the desirable result they expect. To find out what weights are good for you, ask your personal trainer in Cranbourne.

These are some of the rules you should strictly follow whenever you attend a fitness class because this will help you prepare your body for a calorie-burner activity.